Woman with Control Issues Leaves Congregation After Sanctuary Gets Rearranged

Annapolis, MD — 45 year old Sheila Walls of Annapolis had a falling out with her church this week, after walking into her 10:00am Sunday service and seeing the chairs in the sanctuary had been completely rearranged from what she was used to. Walls, who likes to sit in the same seat every week, had a complete Type A meltdown after seeing the changes, which resulted in her walking out the door and opting never to return.

“I’ve been a member of this church for THREE YEARS!” Walls said in her resignation letter to her Pastor. I am a MEMBER here. I TITHE here. These changes need to be run by us at the semi-annual business meeting and let us vote on it before they can just happen. If you’re going to just be reckless and make decisions ‘as The Spirit leads,’ then I cannot be part of this…haphazard chaos! I understand it was for everyone’s safety to divide the sanctuary into a moshing section and a non moshing section during worship, but next time you need to take your members’ opinions into consideration. This church is a democracy, not an oligarchy!”

Walls’ now former Pastor encouraged her to not act in her flesh, but she has already found a new church that uses pews that cannot be moved so easily.




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