Jami’s Personal Blog About Religion

Yesterday, God laid it on my heart to start a blog publicly sharing my journey with religion. I’ve published my first two posts.

If you want to know where I’ve been and where I am currently, if you want to know why I’m in a church instead of a synagogue, if you want to know the real reason I left Messianic Judaism after so long, then the answer is on this blog.

After I made the first post yesterday, I shared the link with two people, and immediately started throwing up, even though I was not feeling sick. Satan does not want what I have to say to get out, so it’s important for people to read this.


One thought on “Jami’s Personal Blog About Religion

  1. ❤️ I read your posts and what comes to mind is a phrase from a work training (for public school, or maybe this was from a ministry training) but we were to be sure to say this to children who are reporting they’ve been abused: “I believe you.”

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