Staff Bios

Jami Robins Creator/Director/Head Writer 

Jami is an ENFP, originally from the NW suburbs of Chicago (Go Cubbies!), but she has also spent a few years of her life in Central Illinois and San Diego. Jami grew up in theatre, band, choir, and showchoir, and is a proud alum of the ComedySportz Chicago High School League. Jami is a huge foodie and her magic guacamole has become somewhat famous amongst her friends. She has been in and out of synagogues and churches her entire life, having spent the majority of time in Messianic Congregations. She is very happy to be part of the first official foray into Messianic comedy and is excited to see where The Lord will take The Meow. If she can leave you with one piece of life advice, it’s that no matter what your barista may tell you, loose tea brewed in a bag is still bagged tea. Don’t be fooled.

As of 2021, Jami has left the Messianic movement, due to toxic leadership and widespread abuse cover up. She is currently attending an Israel loving church that celebrates Jewish holidays.

Jami has started a personal blog detailing her journey with religion, which can be found here.

Yossi Wilson Writer

Yossi has lived in Philadelphia his whole life. He attends and works behind the scenes at his local Messianic Synagogue. In addition to eating cheesesteaks (see: Philadelphia) and writing weird things (see: his work here), some of his favorite things include cartoons, comic books, Transformers (not the Michael Bay movies), heavy metal, magic shows, German silent films, the Discworld books, and science-fiction entertainment of all sorts. He also enjoys puzzles, and as such has inserted a fake interest into that list, which he invites you to identify, if you can.

Elliott C. Meow Team Mascot

Elliott was born on a muggy December day, just outside of Savannah, GA in 2016. He enjoys Ashkenazi cuisine, especially gefilte fish and tzimmes, and his hobbies include napping, davening, and puking on the carpet. Elliott wants you to know that Yeshua is The Messiah, and also that the song “Jew and Gentile” by Joel Chernoff is the Messianic equivalent of “Freebird.” Bird? Bird??? Where’s the bird??? Where???? Lemme get him!!!