Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality entertainment for the entire Messianic movement. We believe we are in the end times; however, while we wait for our Messiah’s return: L’Chaim!

Our ambition is to give the gift of laughter to everyone; from those having a rough time in life, to those who want to learn more about Messianic culture, to those who are simply bored.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see The Messianic Meow expand into a much larger source of entertainment for the Messianic movement, and hopefully even further than just that!  We started solely as a satire site, but we are gradually adding more aspects of comedy as our resources grow.

The Meow’s slogan is “unity through laughter.” Our desire is to unify the Messianic movement, as well as the entire body of Jewish and Gentile believers, and eventually believers and non-believers alike. We seek to achieve this goal through the power of laughter and joy in The Lord.

God has made laughter for me! Everyone who hears will laugh with me.  -Genesis 21:6 (TLV)


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