YMJA Leadership Team Weekend Meetings Result in Decision to Buy Out Snapchat IPO


Atlanta, GA – The YMJA Leadership Team gathered in Atlanta this past weekend to plan their portion of this year’s Messiah Conference, which will take place in July. In addition to planning the conference, a big decision was made to purchase every share of the upcoming Snapchat IPO.

“Well, we have all of this extra money now that we’ve extended the YMJA age limit to 45,” said YMJA Treasurer, Ravi Goldberg. “So many more people have paid the annual membership fee this year, because of that. We were originally going to use the extra funds on hummus, but for reasons I won’t mention, we are no longer allowed to do that. Anyway, as we were discussing how to use the funds, our social media guru, Joey Stepakoff, pointed out that Snapchat just announced they’ve filed for an IPO. Since Snapchat is such a huge part of YMJA culture, the decision was obvious. We took a vote and unanimously decided to purchase every share of Snapchat’s IPO. It really did make the most sense to move forward with this. It’s not like we would use the money for scholarships or anything.”

The Snapchat IPO is set to launch next month. The YMJA said they have big plans for Snapchat, including an affiliate called “Japchat,” in which all the filters are Jewish themed. You can follow the YMJA on Snapchat, but you’ll have to find them first, especially since this article will disappear in 24 hours!


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