AMF Announces Second Coming


Asheville, NC – What was meant to be a one time only Messianic Jewish Music and Arts Festival, AMF or Asheville Music Festival, has dropped a huge yarn bomb on everyone and finally announced there will be a second edition after all. The four day non partisan festival took place in Asheville, North Carolina in August 2012 and saw more than 1,000 members of the Messianic community from all over the world, including representation from every major Messianic organization in the movement.

“Our original vision for AMF was to hold a one time music and arts festival that would bring together MJAA, UMJC, and JFJ alike for a common interest,” says a planner for AMF who chose to remain anonymous. “We didn’t think we needed to have it more than once because the goal was for everyone to want to continue hanging out with each other after AMF ended, regardless of their organizational affiliation, and that’s essentially what happened. While there isn’t a NEED for this to be an annual or even bi-annual event, the demand is high, so we’ve decided to listen to the people and put this amazing festival on once again. Give the people what they want! Besides, there are so many great new Messianic Artists that have come up since then that didn’t get to perform at the first AMF, like MIQEDEM and How To Fly. We would love to showcase those artists at the next AMF.”

“The theme of the first AMF was ‘Noah’s Ark,’ but that was a little too wet for everyone, so we’ve decided that the next one will officially be called ‘AMF 2.0: 40 Years in the Desert.’ We’re currently looking for a new location with a drier climate than Asheville,” says another AMF planner who also chose to remain anonymous.

AMF 2.0 will happen sometime in the future, but of that day and hour no one knows, not even the biggest supporters, but only the organizers.

5 thoughts on “AMF Announces Second Coming

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