UMJC Announces New “Mystery Shopping” Program for Congregations


Los Angeles, CA – The Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations announced this week it would be rolling out a new mystery shopping program, of sorts. Restaurants and retailers utilize secret shoppers to help them figure out how their service rates, and now Messianic congregations across the country will be following suit.

In 2010 The UMJC launched The Kehilah 2020 Initiative, or K20 for short. K20’s main goal is to have a thriving Messianic congregation in every city in America that has a heavy Jewish population, by the year 2020. “We’re more than halfway to the deadline and we still have a long way to go,” said UMJC Representative, Abe Melman. “Having secret shoppers visiting different congregations and reporting back to us on the pros and cons of the Shabbat services will help us figure out why some congregations are growing and why some aren’t. If we can pinpoint a formula for a successful congregation, we can make sure the future congregations we plant and current congregations that need help use that formula.”

The new mystery shopping program will begin early 2017 and will reimburse travel and hotel expenses up to 500 miles away from your home congregation. To apply to become a mystery shopper for The UMJC please visit or

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