Muchan 2020 To Be Held on the Moon


New York City, NY – Chosen People Ministries announced this week that the next Muchan Conference for International Messianics between ages 18 and 35 will be held on the Moon. Muchan, which is Hebrew for “ready,” will have its 2016 conference in Prague, while the previous incarnations were held in Berlin, Paris, and Madrid, respectively.

“We wanted to switch things up a bit,” said a young Chosen People Missionary who asked to only be referred to as ‘RK.’ “There are so many Messianic conferences happening throughout the year, we knew holding ours in Europe would be something different. But we’re running out of European cities that people don’t normally associate with being Jewish, so we had to figure out an even more unique place to hold the 2020 conference. The Moon is really the only option left and it’s perfect! It’s never been done before. Not even Jonathan Bernis has done anything with the Moon before. We’re going to be pioneers!”

RK said he wasn’t sure exactly how transportation was going to work for the 2020 Muchan Moon, but said he is certain it’s going to happen. For more information about Muchan please visit

4 thoughts on “Muchan 2020 To Be Held on the Moon

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