I Met Messiah: The Ghost of David Ben-Gurion


New York City, NY – Chosen People Ministries and One for Israel have come together to produce the “I Met Messiah” videos; abbreviated testimonies from believers letting the world know how they met Messiah. In the newest yet to be released video, The Ghost of David Ben-Gurion, the primary founder of the modern state of Israel/Israel’s first Prime Minister/the founder of Israel’s leading airport, comes back to Earth to tell the story of how he came to faith:

“I was always a believer in God’s existence, but as far as Him sending His Son to die for my sins…no way. Nice Jewish boys don’t believe that. If I did, I probably never would’ve gone through my wild days of partying and doing drugs with Bob Dylan. And then I died. And there was Yeshua. I couldn’t believe it. The Son of God standing right in front of me. I had wasted my entire life not believing.”

Ben-Gurion is just one of billions of people who met Messiah and came to faith upon dying, but the first whose spirit actually came back to sit in the infamous “I Met Messiah” chair that we have all come to know and love. For the entire video or to see more “I Met Messiah” testimony videos please visit www.imetmessiah.com or www.ifoundshalom.com

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