Diaspora Adds Extra Day to Shabbat ‘Just to Make Sure It’s Over’


Murca – It was announced this week by the Jewish Association of Partisan Synagogues (JAPS) that Shabbat shall now be observed for two days instead of one. The JAPS had their bi-annual meeting this year and decided the best thing for JAPS everywhere was to have two days in a row of no work every week, you know…just in case Shabbat is actually still going on in Israel.

“JAPS love Shabbat because it’s a day when we don’t have to do any work,” stated Marcie Shmulovitz, Head of JAPS. “Any excuse to not do work should be dragged on as long as possible. I mean…uhhh…the other holidays have an extra day in America, so why not add Shabbat to that list? You know…just to make it consistent. Besides, it’s really unfair to those who have to work in establishments that are open seven days a week; you’ll never get a real weekend. I work 15 hours a week and sometimes I even have to work two days in a row. It’s really tiring.”

JAPS across the country will be taking an extra day off every week to ensure they can go get their nails done, or just sit by the pool and relax…to stand in solidarity of Shabbat observances in Israel…yeah…that’s it. Please speak to your local Rabbi about how you can be part of the JAPS community and have an extra day of Shabbat!

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