Tree of Life Messianic Congregation Changes Name to The Real Complete Jewish Synagogue


San Diego, CA – Tree of Life Messianic Congregation of San Diego opted to change its name this week, following the announcement of Tree of Life Version Bible changing its name to The Real Complete Jewish Bible. The announcement came as kind of a shock, and also kind of not.

“As soon as TLV announced it was changing its name, I knew what we had to do,” said congregational Rabbi Joel Liberman. “We love sharing a name with a translation of the bible, so not following suit on the name change would mean we no longer have that name in common, so the choice was clear. Besides, calling our congregation ‘The Real Complete Jewish Synagogue’ lets the world know that we are a congregation of completed Jews (and gentiles)! And how can we go wrong when we announce that to the world?”

Tree of Life Congregation is expected to officially change its name sometime after the high holidays. Until then, their web site will remain the same. The new name will be up for review again in a year when they decide whether or not they want to be called The New International King James Message Congregation.

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