Guest Post By Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann | Messianic Group Calls for Return to Biblical, Not Statist or Rabbinical Weddings


Responding to long-represented trends in the Movement, and recent societal trends, a growing group of young Messianics is calling for a repudiation of the contaminating effects of rabbinic laws and governmental interference in wedding practice.

The President of the group is Bozo Lipschitz of Congregation Davar Acher in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. We met him in his biblical tent, erected just outside the city limits.

“Yes, we’re following the flow of The Spirit in our movement, getting away from rabbinic interference in our religious practice. No chuppahs and crushed wine glasses for usI No Rabbis and Cantors either!  Ours is a Back to the Bible Messianic Movement, HalleluYAH! If we could free ourselves from the shackles of stupid Rabbinic Kosher laws and get back to Biblical Kosher, we can do the same about their oppressive marriage laws and get back to the Bible!”

When questioned about the current trend that has catalyzed their growing movement and its concerns, Lipschitz mentioned the impending election of Hillary Clinton, following on the heels of eight years of Barack Obama. “We see the Anti-Christ, the New World Order, and the Illuminati woven through all these Satanic politics. Everyone can see it. And we don’t want this kind of government interfering in this most personal of life events: marriage, and at its inception, our weddings. We don’t want interference from ungodly government or practices cooked up from Christ-rejecting Rabbis. HalleluYAH!”

The group is seeking to pass legislation removing the requirement of people having “statist wedding licenses.”  “We don’t need them. Abraham didn’t. Paul didn’t. Our Lord, Yeshua, didn’t, So why should we?” And in place of Rabbinic marriage rites, like chuppahs, crushed wine glasses and ketubahs, the group has begun to practice what it terms “Biblical marriage,” a counterpart of “Biblical Kosher.”

Lipschitz explains, “We follow the Biblical example of Boaz and Ruth. Biblically, when a woman crawls under a man’s blanket at his feet and he says, “Who are you?” and she tells him, that’s it!  That’s Biblical marriage!  We like to call it “B’rith Ha-Blankie.” He smiled, but he said they were entirely serious.

“It’s either this or being in bondage to Messiah-rejecting Rabbis or the New World Order. There really is no other godly choice!”

They are planning a national conference soon called “Back to the Blankie” to be in Coeur d’Alene at a date to be determined.

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