Reader Submissions


Please follow all rules or your article will not be accepted, no matter how good it is.

  1. I am only accepting article submissions. Please do not submit any memes to me; I will not post them.
  2. Your article must be Messianic themed. Yes, I do occasionally post articles or memes that are Christian or Secular Jewish, but I will not take submissions that fall under either of those categories, so as to keep The Meow Messianic themed.
  3. Please no bashing of anyone or anything. All of my articles are written out of love and I never want to offend anyone.
  4. Please do not write about or include inside jokes that only your group of friends or people in your congregation will understand. A lot of people read The Meow. We want to make as many people laugh/relate to this as possible.
  5. Please keep your headlines short and to the point. The main point of the article should be included within your headline. Most people only read the headlines and not the articles. We want to make sure they are amused too.
  6. Please make sure your articles are believable. Part of the reason satire is funny is because the articles could be real. If they are too far-fetched to actually happen, they are too far-fetched for The Meow. I want people to look at our articles and say “I thought this was real until I saw who wrote it.”
  7. I have a right to reject or edit any article. If I need to edit your article for grammar or other purposes I will send you the revised version and get your approval before I post it. Please do not be offended if your article does not get chosen or if I need to edit it; I have a very specific style I am looking for.
  8. Please submit your articles and the name you would like to be published under to I will not take submissions from anywhere else.


Please note, while I would love to pay people for their articles, that is just not possible at this time.