2020 Messianic Conference Schedule

Here is a comprehensive list of the 2020 Messianic conferences, sponsored by/affiliated with the major Messianic organizations. We will do our best to update this as we can. Please e-mail us if we are missing any information messianicmeow@gmail.com

Most conferences have an early bird discount if you sign up before a certain date.


IAMCS Rabbis’ Conference – Orlando, FL. January 5-8. Invite only.

To the Jew First? Conference (Chosen People Ministries) – Boca Raton, FL. January 24-25.

UMJC Winter Leadership Conference – Jacksonville, FL. January 26-28.


Southeast Inter-Congregational Cruise – Mexico. February 8-13.

MJAA Southwest Regional Yeshua Conference – Irvine, CA. February 14-16.

Malchut 2020 (First Fruits of Zion – FFOZ) – Orlando, FL. February 16-18. Torah Club friends and leaders.


YMJA Northeast Retreat – Susquehanna, PA. March 13-15. Ages 13-21 and Chaperones only. Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19


YMJA Southeast Retreat – Roberta, GA. April 3-5. Ages 13-21 and Chaperones only. Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

YMJA South Central Retreat – Midlothian, TX. April 17-19. Ages 13-21 and Chaperones only. Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

YMJA Virtual Retreat – Online! April 17-19. Ages 13-21 only.

The Passover Cruise – St. Maarten/Puerto Rico/Bahamas. April 18-25.  Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

LCJE North America Conference – Orange, CA. April 20-22. Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19


YMJA Northeast Retreat – Susquehanna, PA. May 1-3. Ages 13-21 and Chaperones only. Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

Messianic Men’s Conference – Pensacola, FL. May 22-24. Non-partisan/cross-organizational. Men only. Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

UMJC Young Professionals’ Retreat – Efland, NC. May 22-25. Ages 18-35 only. Postponed due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

Tikkun International Family Conference – Ellicott City, MD. May 29-May 31. Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19


Messiah Conference (MJAA) – Grantham, PA. June 28-July 4. The largest Messianic Conference in the world. Payment plans available. Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

YMJA Virtual Conference – June 28-July 2. Ages 18-30 only.

MJAA Virtual Pre-teen Conference – July 5-10. Ages 10-12.

UMJC Summer Family Conference – Columbus, OH. July 15-18. Canceled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19


YMJA Southwest Retreat – Forest Falls, CA. August 21-23. Ages 13-21 and Chaperones only.

•Celebrate Yeshua Northwest. Seattle, WA. Dates TBD. Free.


UMJC Young Professionals’ Retreat – Van, TX. September 4-7. Ages 18-35 only.


YMJA Midwest Retreat – Hillsboro, IN. October 16-18. Ages 13-21 and Chaperones only.

Neshama Women’s Conference – Melbourne, FL. October 23-25. Non-partisan/cross-organizational. Women only. Hurricanes not welcome.


Messianic Leadership Roundtable (MLR) – Phoenix, AZ. November 9-11. Invite only.


YMJA Northwest Retreat – Easton, WA. Dates TBD. Ages 13-21 and Chaperones only.

MJAA Southeast Regional Conference – Orlando, FL. December 18-20.

Muchan (Sponsored by Chosen People Ministries) – Warsaw, Poland. December 28-January 3. Ages 18-35 only.

Still TBA:

The Gathering. Ages 18-35 only.

Please help us keep this list up to date. If we are missing any conferences or there is outdated information, you can e-mail us at messianicmeow@gmail.com and let us know. This is a community effort. Thank you for helping!