Yeshua Returns to Run for President of The United States


Washington DC- Yeshua HaMashiach, more widely known as Jesus Christ, has finally returned to Earth after a wait of more than 2000 years. “I’ve been watching this entire upcoming American Presidential Election very closely, and with Donald Trump officially being given the GOP nomination, I knew I had to step in and do something; I’m throwing my Kippah in the ring,” Yeshua stated.

Mashiach, who is running on the ticket of the newly formed Chosen Party, held a rally in Washington DC for His supporters earlier this week. “I stand for life, I stand for love, I stand for hope, I stand for forgiveness, I stand for grace, I stand for redemption, and I stand for light. If you can get behind that then I’m your man.” His short, but very impactful speech was met with thunderous applause, while Ben and Jerry’s handed out samples of their newest creation, Christ on a Graham Cracker, to hungry, but hopeful citizens at the rally.

Yeshua seemed to be a shoo-in to be the next President, until it was pointed out that He does not actually qualify to run for the position, due to the fact that He is under 35 and was not born in The U.S.

When asked to comment on what His next move was going to be, Yeshua replied, in His best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, “I’ll be back.”

5 thoughts on “Yeshua Returns to Run for President of The United States

    • Even if he were born on US soil, his parents were not US citizens, so he was not a “natural born citizen”, nor was he “fourteen years a resident within the United States”. Sorry, Yeshua, no US Presidency for you! But we DO need you to return as our Lord and Savior!

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  1. Hello Rabbi Stuart, Surprised to read something for me. Yes come Messiah come. I have met a congregation of Messianic Jews in Bellmore, NY. interesting story. I went into this group of people offending them I think by using the name as I knew it, Hebrew Christians. I do realize Messianic Jews as a possible removal of a stumbling block not using the Greek word, Christian. These people know your music and think highly of you.


    • Hi Gail. Rabbi Stuart is not part of The Meow. He has written some guests posts for us and we are so grateful for that, but this is not his web site/project. However, I am more than happy to pass your message on for you for.


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